Loan without bank information – so you get it

Private customers can always get a loan without bank information! When a loan application is received by the bank, they will check entries at the credit bureau and also take a close look at the economic situation. If a good credit rating is available, a loan can be taken without bank information. It should always […]

Credit without pay slip

  It is not easy to get a loan without pay slips. For most German banks, this is even impossible, since they do not give money without proof of salary. They could only make an exception if, as an alternative to their payslip, the client presents an employment contract that clearly states how much he […]

A credit for police officers – it’s so easy

Credit for uniformed personnel Civil servants and administrative employees have many advantages. In the financial world, this is particularly noticeable, because their secure job they can benefit from more favorable conditions than other workers. This affects in particular a loan for police officers. How does that affect reality? A loan for police officers has a […]

Credit despite bailiffs – is that possible?

  Anyone who is interested in a loan despite bailiffs, this is not at all extremely difficult. The reason for this is that a visit to a bailiff is never a good thing for a debtor and this indicates unwillingness or insolvency. Of course, a bailiff does not come immediately, because there are several prerequisites. […]

The lowest interest on the mortgage – which bank to take?

When a young family or one person is going to take a mortgage, they, of course, begin to look for the most profitable options. And most will start to choose from those banks where there is the lowest interest on the mortgage. Indeed, the interest rate plays an important role when the borrower’s financial resources […]

Germany’s first fintech is now the largest credit portal

Smava founded the German fintech industry 10 years ago, Smava started with loans from person to person. “We dared to do something that many thoughts were crazy and some revolutionary,” said Alexander ArtopĂ©, co-founder and CEO of Smava. Smava was the first company in Germany called “FinTech”. Since 2007, hundreds of fintechs have emerged. This […]

Recommendations and requirements for a loan to pay my debts.

Do you need to settle your debts but do not have enough money to do it? Are the interests eating your income? The answer to these questions may be to request a loan to get out of debt- her comment is here. It may sound like you are solving a problem and at the same […]